Guidelines for Pet Guest Posting at Pet Food Online

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Who are our readers?

Our readers are primarily pet owners, animal lovers and consumers who are looking for the best quality pet food product reviews and listings to make an informed buying decision.

What are we looking for in a guest post?

Our goal is to help pet owners find valuable and credible information on:

  • Pet Nutrition
  • Pet Food Brand Reviews
  • Pet’s Holistic healthcare
  • Best Practices In Pet Care
  • Pet Food Product Detailed Review
  • Popular Pet Trends
  • Pet News
  • Dog Food Recipes
  • Cat Food Recipes

Guest Post Submission Requirements

  • Content MUST be original and accurate (with sources/references when applicable)
  • It should be grammatically correct, well-researched and detailed.
  • The article MUST NOT be previously published on any other website.
  • Include photo credit information if the images are not owned by you.
  • The post must be at least 500 words
  • Break up the content by using a Title, short intro, main content, and a conclusion
  • Use bullets points or lists when necessary and write short paragraphs.
  • You may include a link to your blog or business. Your blog (or business) need not be animal-related.  Most likely, though, I will have a no-follow link to your URL if it is not directly related to animals. This is at my discretion.
  • NO plagiarised, spinner or bot-generated content
  • Affiliate link that is directly related to the topic is allowed in the article.

Checklist of what to include with your guest post submission

  • Title of your article
  • Article body (content of your post)
  • Primary post image, if you have one. Please let me know if you don’t have photos, I may be able to provide them.
  • Additional photos or infographics that you would like to include in the article.

If you are interested in submitting a pet guest post, send your topic ideas to for consideration.

Include in the subject line: Guest Post Submission

Please note that I reserve the right to make minor changes to your article if there are spellings and grammar mistakes, or to enable better optimization.

Looking For Ideas?

Here are some of our popular pet guest posts: