What Is a Dog Stifle Brace?

If your dog suffers the stifle or knee, it can be especially challenging because it limits the dog’s ability to move and play. One of the most frequent injuries to the area is the canine cruciate ligament or CCL.

In the past, the only option for a major dog knee injury was a $3000 to $6000 surgery. But today, a dog stifle brace may be able to fix your dog’s problems and save you a lot of money.

How a Dog Stifle Brace Works

A dog stifle brace is made to immobilize the CCL joint when the ligaments are torn or damaged. This allows the joint to stabilize over a few weeks and promotes healing. Reducing the extension and flexion of the joint allows scar tissue to develop and start the healing process.

Why Does Stabilizing the Knee Help?

Stabilizing with a stifle brace does several things. First, it reduces inflammation and pain, making the dog more comfortable. Second, it provides balance to the dog’s hips and back. This can avoid damage to other joints and limbs. Unfortunately, about 50% of dogs with a CCL tear also damage the other leg in the future. The stifle brace stops the dog from putting too much stress on the good leg.

How Does a Dog Stifle Brace Fit?

This knee brace for dogs is easy to put on. It is not rigid and comes in several sizes and can fit almost any breed. They may be worn during the day and taken off when the dog sleeps. Many of these braces are waterproof so they can be worn if the dog goes swimming.

As far as time, the dog wears the brace depending on age, the nature of the injury, and other factors. Some dogs need to wear the brace for eight to 10 weeks. Others may want to wear it for longer periods for more serious injuries.

What Are Other Uses of a Dog Stifle Brace?

This brace is not just useful for CCL tears. It also can provide support to dogs who have knee sprains, strains, or arthritis. Your veterinarian may recommend the dog wear the brace if he is limping or showing signs of fatigue. The brace can be used in concert with medication, physical therapy, and other treatment option as an effective and affordable option instead of surgery.

Talk to your vet today to determine if a dog stifle brace is a good fit for your dog.

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