Ultimate Guide to Dog Beds

Importance of dog beds

We all have our favorite corner of the house where we like to relax, laze around or just have a nap. Our cute little canine friends need a safe, soft spot in the house just like we do. Dog beds are a must-have for our furry friends as they are a part of our families and need to be treated like one.

It not only provides comfort and makes them feel cozy and warm but is also good for their overall health. Well-rested dogs make the best companions one can ever find. It makes them less fussy and more adorable, playful, and cheerful.

These dog beds come with a lot of features, functions, and in different sizes. Trendy, classic, or modern, no matter what your style statement is, you will find a suitable dog bed to match up with it. Carefully designed in a way that they can be cleaned up easily, these beds make up for a more hygienic option for your pooch than sleeping on the floors.

It also prevents them from jumping into your bed or sofas in search of a soft and comfortable place to sleep in. Hence, saving your expensive furniture and mattresses from your furry best friend’s scratches and chewing. The new state-of-the-art orthopedic beds are an added advantage to help keep your furball’s health in perfect shape. It gives them relief and eases their pain and discomfort from any bone-related ailments. 

Industry trends of dog products 

With an ample amount of dog-related products in the market, it has been observed that spending significant amounts of money on dog toys, accessories, furniture, medicines, gifts and grooming has become a trend among pet parents.

The increase in expenditure on their pooch is a result of keeping up with the changing trends and improvisations in the products. As of 2018, beds and sofas make up for the largest market share of more than 35%. This rise in spending on dog products and the overwhelming passion of dog lovers is fueling the growth of this industry on a global scale.

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and unique ideas. They are competing with each other to create innovative, functional, stylish yet comfortable products which meet the needs of the customers.

This competitive culture has given rise to limitless products in the market for every purpose. From dog water bottles to designer leashes to harnesses to Halloween costumes for dogs, there is a product for every requirement out there, dog beds being the most popular and in high demand. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed? 

Choosing the right bed for your furry friend may not be that simple. You need to keep a few aspects like size, durability, design, etc in mind before you finalize one that suits your dog best. The most basic feature which is the most important is the right size of the bed.

You need to get a bed that is a little bigger than your furry friend’s size so that he gets enough space to spread out and does not need to curl up to fit in. Then you need to find a bed that is sturdy and durable enough to withstand your furball’s chewing and scratches. For small cuddly dogs, faux fur beds can be good in which they can curl up.

If you have a big or older dog, you should opt for an orthopedic bed which is highly recommended for dogs with achy joints or any other structural ailments. It is constructed with superior quality memory foam which gives the perfect support and comfort to your beloved dog.

You also get water-resistant removable covers which make cleaning super easy. There are dog beds that can be customized as per your home decor and vibe. You can also get your dog’s name engraved on the dog bed. 

Why Should you Start a Dog Bed Business? 

Are you a dog lover and want to do something professionally related to dogs? Then you can become a trader or distributor of dog beds. Dog beds are in high demand and keep changing constantly as per the client’s requirements. The rising trend of spending a big chunk of their monthly income on dog products has given an opportunity to small businesses to benefit. With ever-growing sales, dog beds are promising and fruitful as a product.

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To conclude, a dog bed is a product with a growing market share and is available in a range of sizes, colors, and functions. It is important to get the right kind of bed for your pooch in order to keep him happy and you even happier.

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