Top Mistakes to Avoid for Dogs with a Sensitive Stomach

How many mistakes we have made, we continue making, and surely we may make again with our dog’s nutrition! I’m sad to say so, but most people play the lottery a little when feeding their dog.

Honestly speaking, we all love our canine friends, but not all dog parents ever bother to read more before feeding their dog that little something? Reading the labels on the food packaging is a good start, but isn’t sufficient at all.

Many dogs suffer from a sensitive tummy every day. And they have no fault, it’s their owner’s responsibility to avoid mistakes when feeding them.

I’ve read myself a lot on the topic as my little buddy is a picky eater and apart from that is always looking at our table to get that little something.

Top tips to say goodbye to your dog’s upset stomach

If you want to leave your dog’s vomiting and diarrhea in the past, make sure that you don’t make these mistakes.

What food to provide?

The change from eating leftover food to eating natural food without additives specifically for dogs can have an immense impact on your dog’s health.

Are bones healthy for dog’s digestion?

Do you think that dogs have been bones all their lives and none have died? Well, you’re wrong and your vet can confirm it. Your canine’s esophagus can suffer a lot if they swallow a bone. Don’t play the Russian roulette anymore and forget about giving any bones to your dog especially if they have a sensitive stomach.   We don’t have to wait until it’s too late, so that’s why you should opt only for some leather bones to gnaw on or a bigger bone from time to time, but only under your supervision.

Food quantities matter a lot

We all know that the food packaging marks the daily amount of food, but many of us don’t respect it and add some treats, other prizes, and snacks that can lead to having an overweight dog. If you want your dog to have a healthy weight and a happy tummy, then you should give them treats, but discount them from their daily food to ensure that there are no added calories.

Do not neglect the philosophy of healthy life

I want to mention this because many dog owners feed dogs healthy and natural food for main meals and then give them poorer quality treats. If you are already worried about giving your dog high-quality food, let’s not neglect the treats and cookies either. Always bet on natural ones and avoid those that are made only of cereals, because some canines have food intolerance to cereals.

Keep a strict schedule

Do you give food to your buddy every day at a different time? This is a big mistake!  If we want our dog to always eat properly and not play with their food (you know, now I don’t feel like eating, I will eat later and I will start playing with that treat), then the best thing is to always feed him at the same time and leave the bowl for only 15 minutes. By doing this, your pet will understand that they need to eat all the food because you will take it away after some time. These good habits regulate your canine’s intestinal tract.

Perhaps the first day your friend will be hungry, but when he will get used to it and you will notice that he will eat everything. Voila, no more worries about leaving the bowl with food and having any ants. The worst thing we can do is make the dog believe that he always has food available for them. If we think about it, well, nature indicates that dogs go hunting and sometimes they eat and sometimes they don’t. By removing the bowl we help them preserve their instinct for survival and also look after their delicate stomachs.

Mix dry food with normal food

Many people make the mistake of mixing dry food that takes many hours to digest with normal food or wet food. This is a very common mistake that can lead to various problems like pain, upset stomach, diarrhea, and even a gastric torsion that leads to the death of the animal in a matter of hours.

The reason is that we cannot mix two types of foods that have two very different digestion times, one has very slow digestion while the other is digested fast.  This causes gases that can make the stomach swell so much that it spins on its own axis and impedes the blood circulation. This is what makes the dog collapse.

Therefore, never mix dry food with normal food! If you want to encourage the dog to eat it all, it is better to moisten the dry food with warm water to enhance its flavor or buy some salmon oil so that this encourages the dog’s appetite due to spice flavor and smell.  I hope that these handy recommendations will help you not to make any mistakes and your pooch will never suffer from a sensitive stomach.

Check this infographic below which explains clearly about your dog’s sensitive stomach, top ingredients in dog’s food, and how to treat it naturally.

infographic for dogs with sensitive stomach

Infographic Source: Doglovely

Annie is a happy dog mom of Kimcho, a 9-year old Harlequin Pinscher. She is passionate about dogs and natural, healthy living. She is on a mission to discover and share everything natural and healthy for dogs on Doglovely. Kimcho has suffered a kidney disorder and this made Annie dig deeper into the commercial ingredients and sparkled her curiosity for everything natural for a longer dog’s life.

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