Top 10 Designer Apparel and Accessory Brands for Pets

Not so long ago, stylish apparel and accessories for dogs were met with smirks. Dog fashion has now become a trend among pet owners who love to adorn their fur friends with style. It has recently gained popularity due to the influence of social media and has allowed new professions to arise in the dog fashion industry. Top-of-the-line pet apparel brands amalgamate fashion with function to cater to their fashionable clients.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 dog apparel & accessory brands:-

1. My Other Best Friend (MOBF)

If you are looking for some chic, artsy, sophisticated fashion pieces for your furry best friend, then MOBF is the right destination for you. They feature quirky handmade products which are curated to perfection with love. MOBF special collections include a little bit of something for pet owners of every style and taste.

Designer collars, handmade pet jewelry, pet apparels, vintage sunglasses are some fun products to look out for. Another plus point of MOBF is that all the products on their website are cruelty free, non-toxic, hypoallergic.

2. Canine styles

The brand name of Canine Styles has been popularly known for designer dog apparel since its inception in 1959. They have a luxurious line of pet clothes and accessories to spoil your little furry friends. Plush sweaters, polo t-shirts, and classy leather collars are their specialties that one can’t miss.

3. Max Bone

With an aim to modernize pet products that are both creatively designed and functional, Parisa Fowles started Maxbone. Their goal is to design pet products that are sustainable and of premium quality. From concept to manufacturing to delivery, they meticulously pay great attention to every aspect of customer experience. Some of their best-sellers are Talon raincoats, Aspen puffer coat, and super cute jumpers.

4. WagWear

Founded in 1998, Wagwear is a brand that was born to cater to pet owners who needed fun, cool and useful dog products. Their patented WagWellies® Mojave is a perfect boot for summers.  Protect the paws of your four-legged friends from the hot pavements with these sleek boots designed with perforated holes to allow ventilation. Apart from this, they also have colorful leashes and collars.

5. Ruffwear

Are you adventurous and a big-time pet lover? Then Ruffwear is the brand for you. It is an adventure-driven brand created with an aim to design dog gear of good performance and quality which is suitable for outdoor activities. Its founder, Patrick, started his journey from his garage and has led Ruffwear to have a global presence today. From trail running to climbing to snow sports, they have dog gears for all kinds of fun activities.

6. Dog & Co.

Based in New York, Dog & Co. was founded in 2014 with a focus on seamlessly crafted products to mirror your personal style. Each piece is thoughtfully curated and manufactured ethically to bring you cute yet classic dog apparel and accessories. It has a range of fun products like cute printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, sunglasses, hats, bows, and much more. Their products are so cool that they will surely make heads turn at the dog park.

7. Rororiri

Designer and Founder of Rororiri, Rita Li, started her journey by designing clothes for her own fur baby. Based in San Francisco, California, Rororiri specializes in comfortable and smart clothing for dogs made with high-quality fabrics and stylish silhouettes. Cute hoodies, plush sweaters, face masks for dogs are some of their well-known products.

8. Wild One

Wild One is a one-stop shop for all your pet essentials. From toys, leash sets, collars to harnesses, Wild one has it all. Make your morning walks and dog park visits with your furry friend more joyful and comfortable with Wild One’s flawless walk kits.

9. Lucy & Co

Lucy & Co. is built on the eternal love & passion for dogs and the belief that they deserve the best of the best. You’re sure to experience a cuteness overload when your pups flaunt the fun printed reversible harnesses, raincoats, hats, and bandanas of Lucy & Co. They have cute theme collections like outer space, florals, and sharks.

10. Boo Oh

In 2013, founder, Jay Sae Jung Oh established the brand, Boo Oh, named after her fur baby, Boo. Boo Oh was born after she discovered a dearth of pet products that reflected her style and requirements. Boo Oh makes thoughtfully constructed chic and minimalistic products with the finest quality to make ordinary moments memorable. Their hand-crafted leather leashes are one of their best sellers.

What do you think of this list of designer dog apparel brands? Have you tried any of these on your pet yet? Anything to add? Tell us in the comment section below.

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