Pumi Dogs: 3 Reasons Why They Might Be Your New Favorite Breed

For new dog owners, performing detailed research to find a suitable breed can be a large and daunting task. Not only do you need to make sure that the inherent personality traits and activity levels of your new dog match your lifestyle, you want to be confident that you can provide him or her with a happy and healthy life.

And while there is plenty of information online on common breeds like labs, German Shepherds, bulldogs, and retrievers, there are over 300 dog breeds to consider adding to your family.

The purpose of this article is to provide more of a voice for the underrated Pumi Dog. Hopefully you will find a few reasons to fall in love with this breed just like I have!

Pumi Dogs Are Healthy

Any good dog owner understands that the vet plays an important role in ensuring that your beloved pet stays healthy, but there is also no hiding the fact that vet bills can quickly pile up. I personally will do anything needed to put the health of my dogs first, but if it doesn’t have to hurt my bank account, then win-win! Right? Luckily, Pumis are generally very healthy dogs that require minimal vet visits or medical expenses.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your regular vet checkups! However, getting a dog without a large risk for health problems like basset hounds, Newfoundlands, or poodles likely means you will have to pay less for medical procedures, and ultimately, you will have much less stress regarding your dog’s wellbeing.

Pumi Dogs Are Active (But Not Too Active)

Today’s average dog owner is trending to be more active and younger. With this in mind, fewer people want a dog that doesn’t want regular exercise, or can’t keep up with their owner’s increased lifestyle consisting of jogging, hiking, swimming, and more.

The Pumi used to herd pigs, cattle, and sheep, back in the Hungarian lands where it originated. This means that it instinctually has a desire to spend at least a certain portion of the day running around and having fun.

This also means that they are smart dogs that can be easily trained through a typical obedience school. This doesn’t mean you have to be a marathon runner to keep your Pumi satisfied though. Their relatively small stature (20-30 pounds) implies that, although they love running, they don’t quite have the frame to do it for hours on end, like say a husky can.

Pumi Dogs Are Low Maintenance

Keeping your Pumi well groomed and happy will not require a ton of work. Their coat is super easy to maintain – you likely need to comb it every other month at most but that’s about it.

As mentioned above, they love to learn and can be taught many things. Additionally, they are great with both people and other animals, but it is recommended that you teach them to socialize at a younger age.

One small thing to keep in mind with training is that they are not afraid to speak up, so be sure not to reinforce barking too much while training. They have actually been used as show dogs and in agility competitions due to the ease of training and their overall obedience to their owner.

Hopefully this article helped introduce you to the Pumi as a breed to consider. Feel free to check out the blog posted on our friends site, Boneandyarn, to find out more information on Pumis, as well as other great dog and cat tips!

Alex is a professional writer at PFO and a fitness enthusiast. He spends most of his time writing about pets and sipping coffee.

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