How to Choose the Right Dog For Your Family Dynamic

Getting a dog for the family stands out as an exciting and fun moment in life. You have hundreds of breeds to choose from, so you may wonder which dogs work best for your family dynamic. If you plan to pick a dog for your family, you should look into the research available, so you can find a dog to make your family and your furry friend happy. 

Think About the Size

You should start by thinking about the size of the dog as you choose one for your family. For example, some people may want to have a smaller dog in their home if they have teenagers or grandparents living there. After all, some people want to make sure the people in the home understand how gentle they need to be with smaller dogs. 
On the other hand, if you have kids, you may want a medium-sized dog. That way, your dog can play with the kids and have fun. You can go with a large dog if you want one to protect your family from intruders, so think about the size. 

Consider the Safety of Everyone 

Safety also plays an important role when it comes to choosing a furry friend for your home. For example, a small dog might not work well for a house full of small kids since they may hurt the dog. On top of this, you shouldn’t go with a shedding dog if anyone in your family has asthma or an allergy since he or she may end up constantly coughing. 
You also need to think about keeping the dog safe in your home. For example, as you get a furry friend, you should think about purchasing dog insurance, so you can get your dog some help whenever he or she needs it. 

Keep Exercise Needs in Mind

Breeds of dogs vary when it comes to their exercise needs. For example, some dogs tend to gain weight easily, so you need to take them outside often and let them exercise. On the other hand, you may find smaller dogs who stay skinny easily, so you don’t have to exercise as much to keep your dog healthy. 
If you want to encourage yourself to exercise, you should choose a dog who needs to exercise often. For example, bulldogs need to go outside often if you don’t want them to gain weight. No matter what breed you choose, dogs need to exercise daily, so make sure you take them out regularly. 

Choose the Age

You also need to think about which dog age might work best for your home. For example, puppies have tons of energy to run around and have fun, so they work great for energetic people and kids. You can also get an adult dog if you want to give a dog another chance by offering him or her a new home to live in. 
If you want a dog who will relax and not run around too much, you can choose an older dog for your home. It comes down to figuring out what your family wants or needs, so you can find a dog to match your family and style. 


Finding the right dog for your family requires you to consider what your family needs while also thinking about the dog. After all, you want your family to feel happy, but you also want your dog to feel happy as well. If you focus on your dog and find one to fit your family dynamic, you can enjoy a happy home environment while letting your furry friend stay with you. 

Alex is a professional writer at PFO and a fitness enthusiast. He spends most of his time writing about pets and sipping coffee.

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