Top 3 Healthy Homemade Snacks Your Dog Will Love

If dogs could speak it’s likely they’d be begging for their all-time favorites like peanut butter and
bacon. While you may want to keep your pup satisfied with the treats they’re accustomed to, there’s a
number of unlikely snacks that your pet will likely also enjoy.

With these treats, you will not only be improving your pet’s overall health but also their happiness as well.

1. Fruits

dog eating fruits as a treat

Fruits are a common snack for humans but did you know that your dog probably loves fruit just as much as you do? The sweetness isn’t lost on them. They enjoy a variety of fruits that are packed with natural anti-oxidants, nutrients, and vitamin C.

Fruits are a great snack for pets especially during the summertime when they’re needing a little extra hydration. Watermelon anyone? There are limits to the fruits that pets can feast on, however, keep in mind that moderation isn’t a term that is limited to the 2-legged population.

While some sliced apples are a great choice for a medium to large dog, be mindful of the rind when serving. Also, be mindful to pass on the grapes. Grapes are toxic to dogs and can cause serious health complications. Almost all other fruits including bananas, melons, and berries are perfectly safe for the digestion in pets. You may be surprised what a refreshing replacement this is to the old spoon of peanut butter.

2. Pupsicles

If your little buddy is notorious for eating the ice off the kitchen floor when it slips out of the freezer, this treat is right up your alley. While dogs enjoy the slippery texture of ice cubes, the larger ones can be dangerous for their bite and can cause wear on the enamel of their teeth.

A great alternative is “Pupsicles.” Pupsicles are simply popsicles but made for your pet. They are incredibly easy to make and require very little preparation. By mixing a bowl of bone broth with pureed carrots before freezing in a
standard ice tray, this combination packs a nutrient-rich icy treat.

Since the texture is much thicker than ice, it melts easily as they attempt to chew through it. It’s far less harsh on their mouth but equally as enjoyable. This is a fun treat that can be given at any point in the day.

3. Yogurt

Lastly, the miracle snack for humans and doggies alike: Yogurt. Yogurt is an inexpensive, healthy, and delicious treat that your dog will likely adore you fore. While yogurt has been known to aid in digestion due to probiotics in humans, it actually is able to serve the same purpose for man’s best friend.

This may be one of the healthiest and easiest snacks universally. This is also a shareable snack, half for you and half for them too.

Keep in mind, plain yogurt is the standard and the sugar from sweetened yogurt is not a beneficial addition. A large spoonful or two a day will help keep your pet’s stomach settled while you get to enjoy playtime together. This is a simple and effective means of managing digestive health and wellness in one.


Your dog’s health is equally important as your own. The contribution that you can make to your pet’s overall wellness comes from daily decision making in terms of how they eat and how they play. These are manageable ways to incorporate small choices through healthy snacks for your pet.

Because each dog is created differently, it’s important to observe and make note of their preference. You may notice that one snack is much more preferred and that becomes the treat of the season; this is great in terms of managing behavior as well.

In introducing healthier options for treats and snacks as a whole, you will see the impact in both the mental and physical stamina that your pet exhibits in due time.

Courtney works at Buddy Custard and is passionate about connecting pet owners with the right nutritional information to ensure that they have not only quality time with their pet, but also a good quantity of time.

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