Effects of Catnip: Is Catnip Good For Cats and Dogs?

What is Catnip?

Many pet owners are curious about Catnip. It is also known as Catmint or Nep. This mysterious herb was first discovered thousands of years ago. Although it has many beneficial qualities, it is widely misconceived to be harmful to animals.

So is Catnip good for Cats? Does Catnip work on Dogs? Here we shall discuss the effects of catnip, benefits of catnip, catnip side-effects and how to administer it to your pets.

Effects of Catnip

Catnip contains the phytochemical “nepetalactone”, which has sedative effects. The animal tends to transition into a euphoric state when they consume it. The Euphoric states usually last for 15-20 min, after which it takes 1-2 hours for the animal to become receptive towards the herb again. Contrary to what you may believe, Catnip can be administered to Cats and Dogs.

Some animals may enter into a state of Mania or Frenzy after sniffing or ingesting Catnip. Effects of Catnip also depend on the genetic factors, genes may cause different animals to react in different ways to Catnip.

Benefits of Catnip

  • Digestive benefits of Catnip – Catnip is a carminative herb, which means it helps remove air bubbles from your pet’s gut. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve indigestion
  • Catnip’s sedative properties make it a useful remedy for Insomnia
  • Catnip can help relieve anxiety and de-stress your pet
  • Catnip has properties which can help improve your pet’s health if it has a fever. It can be used to alleviate conditions such as tender throats, coughs, colds, sinusitis etc.
  • Catnip is can help alleviate skin conditions such as burns and cuts, insect bites, piles, and bacterial infections
  • Catnip is also an effective mosquito-repellent

Catnip Side Effects

  • Catnip is a diuretic; hence it will cause frequent urination and perspiration if it is administered in excessive doses.
  • Excessive doses may lead to migraines and nausea
  • Drowsiness and sluggishness are the most common Catnip side effects, so keep your pet’s environment safe if you are administering Catnip.
  • Catnip can cause uterine complications in animals that are pregnant/lactating

It is widely believed that Catnip is addictive and not good for your pet’s health. Catnip is perfectly safe in limited doses. There is no scientific evidence to show that Catnip has any addictive properties. In fact, it is one of the best tools to train your animal, rewarding your pets with Catnip will ensure they get trained faster and more effectively.


Dosages will differ from breed to breed, but as a rule of thumb, for dogs, administering 1 tsp of dried Catnip for every kilo of food that your dog eats won’t cause any major side-effects. For cats, half a teaspoon for every kilo of food is a safe dosage that won’t lead to any complications. Catnip can be administered with warm water or wet food.

Can Cats overdose on Catnip?

There is no recommended dosage for sniffing Catnip. Dogs usually don’t sniff catnip, and cats will usually sniff Catnip twice or thrice per day. After a few minutes of sniffing, the animal will lose interest and then return after a few hours. It is not possible to overdose on Catnip by sniffing it.

So incorporate Catnip in your pet’s diet today to make your animal healthy and happy.

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