Dog Grooming Dryers that Make Life Easier

If you want to set up a dog grooming business, you need to place an emphasis on the equipment you will use. Therefore, it helps to review the features of products, such as brushes, tubs, dryers, and hoses. Some dogs are sensitive to sound, so you should make it a point to find a dryer that will not distract your client or scare it.

To begin your search for dog grooming dryers, you need to consider the features you want the dryer to have. Many professional dog groomers like the convenience of using a hands-free standing dryer. The standing dryer may offer the following features:

  • Hands-free fluff drying using Anion technology*
  • A quiet operation
  • A durable and lightweight shell made of a material, such as aluminum
  • A brushless DC motor and turbofan, which requires less maintenance
  • Buttons or knobs that adjust the height
  • A design that can be rotated 360 degrees
  • High-quality wheels that do not catch and clamp hair

*An anion in the air works like a vitamin in your food. It produces health benefits and can even prevent sickness and disease. It even improves lung functioning!

In this case, Anion technology reduces static cling, which makes it easier for you to fluff a dog’s hair.

Types of Drying Technologies

When choosing equipment, especially dryers, you have to consider the needs of your client. The goal here is to provide a positive grooming experience for the pet and to make the owner happy. Besides standing dryers, dryers for grooming are sold as low-pressure dryers, cage dryers, handheld dryers, and forced air machines.

When selecting dryers, you need to consider how much you can spend, the speeds of the dryer, the types of dogs you usually groom, and the temperature. Bathing and drying go together, so you need to make sure a dog looks its best after you bathe and dry it.

Deciding on a Dryer

Once you bathe a dog and towel dry the excess water, you need to use one of the dog grooming dryers tailored especially for the dog – either short, medium, or short-haired. The coat should be completely dried before you release the dog to its owner.

Because a forced air dryer is loud and can scare a dog, it is best to opt for fluff or a stand dryer for grooming. Either dryer is fine for any coat length. Do not allow a dog to leave a shop damp, as it can pick up dirt and dust easily. If this happens, you will defeat the whole purpose of bathing and drying the dog in the first place.

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