Dehydrated Raw Dog Food Explained

Many dog owners are deciding to feed their pup dehydrated raw dog food. They know this type of dog food offers many benefits over kibble often purchased from local supermarkets. Unfortunately, there are many dog owners who still don’t know about dehydrated raw dog food, so we’re out to raise awareness for the betterment of dogs everywhere.

What Is Dehydrated Raw Dog Food?

Dehydrated raw dog food is food that has been preserved by being dehydrated. It is raw. It is fresh. It is not processed.

Dehydrating dog food is a slow and gentle process. It involves using warm air to remove water and moisture from the ingredients.

There are no artificial preservatives. All nutrients and enzymes remain intact throughout the process

Is Dehydrated Raw Food Good for Dogs?

Yes, dehydrated raw food is good for dogs. Raw food has many benefits, such as dental health support, reduced stool volume and odor, enhanced reproductive health, reduced body odor, and many others.

Is Dehydrated Dog Food the Same as Raw?

Yes, dehydrated raw food is not cooked. The raw food is preserved in its original form. It’s the absence of moisture that stops meat and produce from decaying. This is why dehydrated dog food doesn’t need to have preservatives.

Does Dehydrated Dog Food Lose Nutrients?

Dog food that’s dehydrated doesn’t lose nutrients during the dehydration process because it’s performed at a very low temperature.

How Long Will Dehydrated Dog Food Last?

Dehydrated raw dog food can last much longer than other forms of food. With that being said, dehydrated dog food can last as long as two years.

How to Feed a Dog Dehydrated Raw Food

It is very easy to feed a dog dehydrated raw food. All you have to do is add water to the food and allow it to soak up so that it is rehydrated. Once it is rehydrated, it is ready for the dog to eat.

Many dog owners will combine the hydrated food with fresh produce to make more of what was dehydrated. Supplements can be added such as CBD for dogs and fish oil to boost it with additional nutrition.

Where to Buy Dehydrated Dog Food

The best place to purchase dehydrated dog food is online. There are many companies that are selling it in various flavors and combinations. The best way to know if a brand of dog food is good is to look for the following:

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • High-Quality Standards

You want a company that truly cares about the purity and quality of the food your dog is receiving, especially since it is fresh and raw.

Fresh raw dog food doesn’t have to be a lot of work. You can purchase dehydrated dog food that’s raw and fresh so you can just add water to it. It’s perfect for dog owners who have a busy lifestyle but still want to feed their dogs the best in food.

Always speak to your vet before changing to a new diet. Once you’re ready, do your research and pick the best brand of dehydrated raw dog food that you can find.

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