5 Proactive Ways To Instantly Relieve Stress In Your Dog

Dogs go through stress just like people do, but it can be very difficult to relieve symptoms of anxiety and frustration in your dog. While dog shock collars do work, some dog enthusiasts prefer to use more natural ways to curb bad behavior.

Dogs are very good at being sponges for their pet owners, which means that if you are going through a stressful patch in your life, then your dog will as well.

Research shows that some dogs can get increased stress-related symptoms if they are neglected and are not given enough care and attention.

Nothing surpasses spending quality time with your doggy friend and grooming your dogs is a must. Using dog grooming shears, brushing hair, regular baths, and keeping an eye out on their skin and general well-being is always recommended.

Here Are 5 Proactive Ways To Instantly Relieve Stress In Your Dog

1 Exercise

Exercise is the easiest way to reduce stress levels in your doggy friend. Daily exercise is perfect for stress alleviation as it is shown to keep your dog healthier for longer.

Any physical activity like walking and swimming should work as long as it happens every day.

2 Stress Relief Gadgets

Stress relief toys will work very well to reduce your dog’s stress levels. Specialized treats and unusual toys will assist in calming down an anxious dog and helping him to act more friendly. Stress relief toys come in every shape and size and the best part is you have the option to pick interactive ones.

This is a very unique way to provide long term stress relief to dogs, so it’s worth spending a few hours research the best stress relief toys

3 Calming Music and Noises

Just like in humans canines can sense peace and serenity in music. Classical music and music that is soft and soothing will work best. If you are unable to play classical music then try to find music without words that has a free flow to it.

Remember, anything with lyrics should be avoided.

The best part of using relaxing music to help with anxious dogs is you can have the music playing even when you are away from home.

4 Restrict Social Activity

It’s very common for dogs to trigger anxiety and fear when in public. Some dogs respond adversely to having other dogs near them and not all are comfortable with lots of canine friends.

Instead, restrict your dog from too many social activities, especially those that are loud and involve a lot of an unfamiliar face. This will help soothe a stressful dog and will reduce the chance of conflict with intimidating dogs and canine breeds.

5 Reduce Isolation

Leaving your dog by themselves for extended periods of the day when they are very stressed is a dangerous idea. If you have no choice but to leave your dog by themselves then you must leave lots of stimulation.

Things like dog toys, dog gadgets, or other doggie activities are recommended. This will distract and keep your dogs focus on what’s around them instead of anything dwelling on the negative.

5 Dog Companion

1 very good tip to reduce dog stress levels is to contemplate another doggie companion. However, it is challenging to justify getting another dog if you are having problems with the one you already own.

Only get another dog if you are confident that you have sufficient time and resources to pay to both dogs. Never get another dog to babysit the initial one.

Ultimately relieving stress in dogs is not a quick task. It can take a long time to change a dog’s behavior, but being proactive and spending more time with them is the best way to start.

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